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Portrait of a Cowboy...

The Longbranch area of North Georgia (the end of 400) has long been known for its independent people. Stan Gabriel, one of the owners of Sunny Farms, looks like he just finished taking part in a rodeo. This 200 plus pound, barrel chested man looks like a steer wrestler. When you see Stan, imagine him leaping from his speeding horse onto the head of a steer, grabbing him by the horns and wrestling him to the ground in record time.  If you can imagine this...that is as far as it goes.  In reality, Stan is satisfied with seeing kids and adults enjoying themselves atop his horses.

You would be impressed seeing Stan care for his horses -- his own and boarders'.  Care of the horses comes first with Stan and maybe that is why his stables are almost filled.  If you need a place to board your horse where it will get excellent care, have lots of room to exercise and a unique barn roof over it's head, then call Stan at 706-867-9167.

Stan's Dad has a 40-acre stable on Browns Bridge Road.  Horses have been in the family for many years, mainly because of the Gabriel family's love and respect of their four legged friends.  Smiling from under his cowboy hat, Stan gives the image of the cowboy, but he has a gentle nature that is valuable when dealing with horses and people.

Stan's business card is great and says it all:

"We have fast horses for people who like to ride fast. We have slow horses for people who like to ride slow. We have big horses for big folks & we have little horses for little folks. For those who have never ridden before, we have horses that have never been ridden".

Written by Bob Merritt, Published in "400 Edition, What's up in North Georgia", May/June 2004 edition.



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